Plan of Service

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Proposed Plan of Service for 2017-2021

The Five Year Plan of Service is a planning document which identifies, organizes, and provides an overview of the Nioga Library System’s service programming. The Plan contains what the system proposes to accomplish in order to meet the needs of our communities, region and New York State. In order to prepare the Plan, data was collected using a number of surveys, as well as in individual and group meetings with the results available below.

Data Collection

Surveys - Four different surveys were prepared with questions for system library directors, trustees, staff and patrons, who were asked to participate. Surveys were available online and in print. Questions were asked in a variety of formats, and comment sections were included. Copies of all of the survey questions and responses are available below.

Survey Questions


    Meetings were conducted to gather input from directors, trustees, and staff of member libraries. All parties were invited to participate in one of the meetings. Formats included individual, small and large group meetings. The same set of prepared questions were asked at each meeting. A summary document with responses compiled for each question is available below.